Claudia Cofrancesco


Claudia understands from personal experience what it means to be overweight, helpless, and confused about where to start.  One day, with great courage (and a little desperation), she walked into a health club and met her trainer.  Entrusting herself to his care, she learned how to exercise, eat and plan for wellness.  At the same time, she taught her about the challenges of bariatric surgery--from her fear of eating, to how her body changes affected her self-image. This experience led to the beginnings of The Kinesis Centre, dedicated to serving the unique health and fitness needs of bariatric clients, filling a wide gap in wellness services.  

In creating The Kinesis Centre, Claudia proposed to close the gap between the medical community and the fitness industry for this unique clientele.  She believes every person harbors an athlete within, and she has used sound scientific principles utilized by high performance athletes to transform her own lifestyle, body, and mind.

Now she intends to spread the knowledge to fitness and healthcare professionals through her educational courses, ensuring that bariatric clients get the quality services that will help them realize a healthier lifestyle.